Hello there, I'm Miranda. I enjoy yoga, art, body suspension, body modification, lovely ladies, creepy things, coffee, and vegan eats. 97% sober, 100% lame. I reside in OKC. Kik&Instagram: mirandachisholm
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Crystal Clear and Streaked with Gold

Rutilated quartz is one of the many types of quartz that make up 12% of the earth’s crust, and it’s also the it is the most rare, hence the moniker- The Hair of Venus”.

Rutile, derived from the latin word rutilus (or red), is a mineral inclusion within a clear quartz that ranges from golden to coppery. Highly refractive, these delicate metallic needles can either be quite pervasive, filling the entire crystal, or they can appear more sparsely, like streamers within only some sections of the Quartz.

I love incorporating rare stones into my jewelry, and as always, mixing precious and semi-precious materials. The Bea Arrow Ring is made in Silver + Rose Gold with Copper Rutile and Champagne Diamonds, melding the best of both world’s… perfectly imperfect, rare and refined.

(via lvngdeadgirl)